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Women’s Health

As you go thru all the stages of life, we try to make your journey better.

Even before you think of getting pregnant, you should try to be on optimal health.

Many toxins are found all the time even in the umbilical cord of our babies. Your nutrition is vital before conception as the fate of your beautiful baby is sealed already at the time of conception.

Women go thru all the stages of life and develop different hormonal imbalances.

Birth control pills are not the real solution for PMS, polycystic ovary issues, or irregular periods.

We need to find out the root cause of the problem.

Perimenopause is a difficult time for women, and can start in your 40’s.

To detect hormonal imbalances we prefer to use salivary hormone testing as we find out the amount of free hormones circulating which your body is able to utilize more easily.

Thereafter if needed we can prescribe bioidentical hormones obtained from a compounding pharmacy.

In our clinic also we help women who might be at risk for hormonal induced cancer (breast, ovary, endometrial) or who already were diagnosed with cancer.

We look into their hormones, nutrition status, diet, lifestyle.

We examine some of the genetics, and also the breakdown products of their hormones, which can put them at higher risk of developing cancer or have a recurrence of their present cancer.

Watch: Dr. Panitch Explains The Role of Hormones in Gynecological Cancers (8/23/18)