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Dr. Panitch is one of the best doctors I have seen in 30 years. She is very diligent and has worked with me to uncover health issues I never knew about or would have never even considered. My health has improved dramatically since seeing Dr. Panitch last year. She has a heavy focus on preventive medicine and spends lots of time with me. I have lost 15 pounds since seeing her.
– Donna

I am a fan of Dr. Panitch. Initially I choose her based on her location and holistic approach. I was trying to get pregnant. She discovered that I had serious deficiencies of both thyroid and vitamin D (vitally important, yet something no other physician had investigated) and recommended dietary changes plus natural vitamins/minerals which had me feeling better than I can remember. I have always felt her to be very warm and have a compassionate presence. Have I waited long in her office? On occasion, but I know she spends quality time with each patient and I am someone who benefited immensely from seeing her.
– Rich

Dr. Panitch is absolutely fantastic. My regular ob/gyn was recommending a radical hysterectomy and also the oncologist I was referred to by the ob/gyn. It is wonderful to find a board certified internist who also uses holistic and eastern medicine. After completing a ten page health issues questionnaire I also had a thorough blood workup and did saliva testing. Using Dr. Panitch’s protocol for a healthier life style in just 90 days I returned to the oncologist and got a totally clean of health. Even he was amazed. Her office staff is so friendly and always accommodating. I couldn’t be happier!!
– Mary

I have been going to Dr. Panitch for the last 5 years now! She is an amazing doctor. She gets to the root of the problem and is not the kind of doctor that will just give you a pill and be done with you. I went to see her with a skin care problem that I had for 14 months. After going to a dermatologist, who I waited 2 hours to see and who looked at it in 2 seconds and gave me drugs, I decided to try acupuncture with Dr. Panitch. After 2 treatments, I noticed it was going away, after 5 weeks it was completely gone!!! She also looked at my nutrition and we made some changes with that. Let’s face it, the root to most medical issues is that we eat! That is not new news!!! If you are looking for an alternative way to be treated, see Dr. Panitch! She finds the root of your issue.
– Julie

My family has been completely satisfied with Dr. Panitch, and I refer clients to her. We have seen her for the past 3 years. I find that she knows how to combine western and “alternative” medicine. My family travels from the suburbs of the city to see her, and everyone is satisfied even though some are only interested in western medicine. She is gentle yet firm enough to influence one to really consider complementing the western medical approach, but not pushy. I was happy to see she encouraged one of my children to see a nutritionist, which really did help. After much resistance elsewhere in the past, I was surprised that my teenager cooperated willingly!
– Gail