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Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease which affects a part of the brain called substantia nigra (midbrain). Due to the degeneration the levels of dopamine, a very important neurotransmitter, decline significantly and this explains the tremors, rigidity, and the slowing down of movements overall.

The sooner this disease is diagnosed the better, because we can slow down the destruction of the brain. Subtle signs that somebody may be at risk for Parkinson’s are loss of smell, expressionless face, changes in the voice, and overall slowing down of movements. Gait or the way we walk can also be compromised. Parkinson’s disease is not just a disease of the brain. Your whole body is impacted.

At Lakeview Integrative Medicine, we use a holistic approach and natural supplements that can help improve the quality of life and try to slow down the progression of the disease. By looking into all the different systems of the body, we can identify and correct them.

We evaluate the patients’ digestion, immune system, environment, hormones, diet, neurotransmitters, sleep patterns, nutritional deficiencies, etc.

Before you set up an appointment you will be asked to fill out several questionnaires on our website ( –Brain Health, Brain Nutrition, Toxic Exposure, and Health Appraisal.

We also would like you to send us as much information from your previous physician including, X-rays, ECG, labs, MRI, etc.

Also, please include a summary of your personal health history if possible.

Your first and second appointments will last 2hrs each, so we can take more information and develop a nutritional program.

Our approach is to look into root causes of every disease (Parkinson’s included). Using a Functional Medicine road map, we will look into Digestion, Immune System, Detoxification issues, Hormonal balance, Neurotransmitters (messengers of the nervous system) Structural issues, Mitochondria, etc. Also we will look into your Nutrition, Sleep patterns, Physical activity, Stress level, and your Social connections.

All these factors are tremendously important in determining your overall wellbeing and improve your Parkinson’s disease. After all this we will run functional tests to evaluate the health of your digestive system (usually compromised in Parkinson’s patients), urine for neurotransmitters, saliva for hormones and cortisol levels.

Of crucial importance we will evaluate your exposure to environmental toxins (urine test) as the literature is pointing more and more to pesticides and herbicides (rotenone, dieldrin) or other toxins as triggers of Parkinson’s disease.

We will evaluate some important genes that can contribute to your disease as well.

Your nutritional status is really crucial as many vitamins, antioxidants, glutathione, and minerals, are needed for optimal health, especially or specifically brain health.

We use high grade supplements which are chosen very carefully based on your individual needs.

Some other modalities if needed include:

  • Chelation therapy: toxic metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead and cadmium are known to interfere with many functions of the body. Our chelation protocol is very gentle as we know that moving these metals too fast could sometimes worsen the patients.
  • Intravenous therapy: Myers cocktail, IV-Glutathione. Most Parkinson’s patients are very depleted of glutathione (the most powerful antioxidant). Also IV-Myers provides the body with crucial vitamins, minerals, amino acids effectively thru an IV.
  • Phospholipid therapy: this replaces toxic fatty oils with much healthier nutrients as phosphatidylcholine (the main component of cellular membranes) to make all the cells of the body to work more efficiently.

As you see, our approach to Parkinson’s disease does not only focus on the brain. Without any doubt the brain is impacted tremendously by what happens outside the nervous system.

By using a holistic approach and incorporating the right nutrients in a totally personalized approach, we can improve the quality of your life, and allow you to achieve your maximum potential despite Parkinson’s.

Cost: $350/hr