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Mold Questionnaire

Could you be at risk?

  • Do you live, work, or go to school in a building that has water intrusion, leaks, damp basement, condensation on windows or humidity?
  • Is it an old building? Overcrowded? Does it lack central heating? Flat roofs? Leaky roofs? Leaky pipes?
  • Do you live in areas that flood? Warm humid climates where humidity is more than 70%? Damaged after a fire?
  • Hobbies at risk: historic restorations, bread maker, cheese connoisseur, rare book collector, thrift shop worker, hoarder?
  • Do you see peeling paint, floor covering or peeling wall paper? Stains on walls, ceiling, carpets or furnishing?
  • Have you have pest infestations (rodents, cockroaches, termites)?
  • Did you develop this illness after you changed, moved to a new home, got a new job, attended a new church, school or a new car?
  • Do you experience shortness of breath? Or recurrent sinus infections?
  • Do you experience recurrent respiratory infections or coughing? Asthma attacks? Chronic sinusitis?
  • Do you have frequent flu like symptoms? Or if exposed to mold?
  • Do your symptoms worsen on rainy days?
  • Do you have frequent headaches, sharp lightheadness or vertigo? Confusion or disorientation? Irritability, depression, anger, brain fog?
  • Do you experience chronic or excessive fatigue?
  • Do you have histamine intolerance? Do you have memory problems?
  • Do you have sensitivity to bright lights? Blurry vision?
  • Do you have joint pains, muscle cramps or muscle pains?
  • Do you have tics, seizures, tingling of hands and feet, vibrating sensations?
  • Do you suffer from multiple environmental sensitivities?