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Memory Loss

“Everyone knows someone who has survived cancer, but until now, no one knows anyone who has survived Alzheimer’s disease” –Dr. Dale Bredesen.

Could you be at risk?

  • Does or did anyone in your family have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, Parkinson? 
  • Have you had a head concussion in accidents or sports? 
  • Do you sleep less than 6 hours at night? 
  • If a woman, did you reach menopause before age 45? 
  • Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or stroke?
  • Are you physically inactive? 
  • Do you eat red meat, fatty foods, sugary drinks, alcohol or bread daily?
  • Do you have brain fog?
  • Do you have depression?
  • Do you forget where you place things?
  • Do you feel fatigued after mental activity?
  • Is it hard to learn new things?
  • Do you have trouble recognizing familiar places?
  • Do you have trouble with sleeping, balance, hearing, smell or taste?

If you answered YES to more than one question, you may be at risk for memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease. 

Dementia is one of the most significant global healthcare problem, with over 30 million symptomatic individuals, and many more likely to be in the decades long, pre symptomatic phases, and until recently there wasn’t much hope for reversal of cognitive decline.

Our program follows Dr. Bredesen’s protocol, RECODE Report. We have improved the cognition of several of our patients with this protocol.

There are very few programs that look carefully into every single risk factor that could be responsible for memory loss. Focusing in on only one issue misses all other issues.

Our brains are degenerating and only a handful of practitioners are looking into the early signs and symptoms of neurodegeneration. We need to start early. Dr Panitch has beeb trained by Professor Bredesen in the RECODE Report (Reversing Cognitive Decline) and have created protocols which we used successfully to reverse cognitive decline.

In 2017, Dr. Bredesen, a physician, neuroscience researcher, and internationally recognized expert in neurodegenerative diseases likeAlzheimer’s disease published his book titled “The End of Alzheimer’s”–the first program to prevent and reverse cognitive decline and began training doctors in his method.

The five types of cognitive decline:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Nutrient Deficiencies
  3. Hormone Imbalance
  4. Toxic Type
  5. Vascular Type
  6. Trauma-Induced

Another type called 1.5 glycotoxic is a combination of inflammation and diabetes. He describes “36 holes in the roof” that lead to neurodegeneration of the brain, and unless we focus in all of them, we will not succeed. These factors include genetics, inflammation, glucose, insulin levels, low Vit B12, low Vit D, lack of sexual hormones, metals, mold, and much more.

What’s it like to work with us?

Our program uses a systematic and individualized approach to reverse all possible contributing factors for Alzheimer’s.

We look into the “whys” of your cognitive decline. It includes specific testing, nutrition, lifestyle consultation, and utilizes pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals.

We have a team of practitioners with whom we collaborate closely.

When you contact us we will direct you to fill out our questionnaire on Brain Health (available on our website).

After reviewing it, we’ll set up the first appointment with Dr. Panitch which will last about 2 hours where all pertinent information will be discussed and testing will be ordered.

Tests will include blood, saliva, urine, genetic testing, imaging, etc. Also, you will receive a MOCA or SAGE test to evaluate different functions of the brain.

Your second visit with Dr. Panitch will also last 2 hours. It will cover the specific results from the tests, and the creation of a personalized program, including the right diet for you, exercise, prescription, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Your next visit will be with our nutritionist Rindie Coker, DN. She will go over your current eating patterns and learn Dr. Bredesen’s ketoflex 12/3 plan (if applicable based on your needs).

Some patients might benefit from other nutritional programs (mitodiet, elimination diet, etc).

The nutrition visits last between 60-90 mins.

The third visit with Dr. Panitch is a month thereafter to monitor your progress and discuss all the findings.

It’ll continue with subsequent monthly visits for about 12 months, either with Dr. Panitch or Dr. Coker, depending on the needs.

Treatment will be individualized with the goal of:

  1. Fixing the underlying cause (infections, toxin exposure, chronic inflammation)
  2. changing lifestyle to increase brain function
  3. Using diet and supplements
  4. Optimizing your hormones, neurotransmitters, and other abnormal biomarkers found 

From that point, visits are monthly either with Dr. Panitch or Dr. Coker.

Patients may also be referred out for other modalities based on their needs (biofeedback, acupuncture, manual therapy).

The Bredesen protocol is not covered by insurance because our current healthcare system is not designed to treat the individual patient and doesn’t allow us to spend the time necessary to thoroughly evaluate and treat patients.

Many of the tests will be covered by insurance (Medicare, BCBS); other insurances might not cover them.

Many people ask us why we are not able to accept insurance for office visits associated with this program. It is because the current healthcare system is designed for the diagnosis and management of illness, not for the unique care of each person.

It doesn’t also take into account the time involved in this approach. Insurance systems only focus on making a diagnosis, not exploring the root causes. At our clinic, we ask you to do something difficult when it comes to seeing a doctor. We ask you to pay for your care which is something most of us are not accustomed to doing upfront.

Anyone who has used our current health system for tests, hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and purchasing medications, knows that insurance does not cover everything anyway.


  1. Hourly Consultation (Prevention or Optimization)
  2. Comprehensive (Reversal)

Hourly Consultation:

This is a plan where the patient pays on an hourly basis while having face to face interaction either with Dr. Panitch or  Dr. Coker. This program is more suitable for the prevention or brain optimization. It is not recommended for anyone with a family history of dementia, if you carry the ApoE4 gene, or if you already began demonstrating symptoms beyond occasional brain fog, concentration or decrease in mental endurance. 

Previous to your first visit, all questionnaires, records provided to us, will be reviewed. Afterward, a comprehensive plan will be outlined for you. It is a simpler plan, effective, and will give you a general approach to what is causing your cognitive decline.

Hourly Consultation Cost:

$350/hour (A separate charge will be applied for the time reviewing your records, questionnaires, or other information pertinent to your care)

Most people opt for our comprehensive plan (Reversal).

Comprehensive Plan (Reversal):

This is our most popular one as give us the necessary time, and depth to help reverse many of your presenting symptoms (9-10 months program).
It includes:

  1. In-depth consultation and education with you and your family.
  2. Cognitive testing (first during your initial visit, and later towards the end of the program).
  3. All appropriate tests needed are ordered, blood was drawn at our office.
  4. Working with your other practitioners.
  5. Creation of a personalized plan based on your ApoE4 gene status (if that is the case), results of your tests, lifestyle, stress level, and nutritional needs.
  6. Two 2-hour initial visits with Dr. Panitch, during which we will gain a deeper understanding of the factors that uniquely contribute to your condition.
  7. Six more visits with Dr. Panitch (1hr each throughout the length of the program). In those visits also we’ll also evaluate your gut health (remember the gut-brain connection), hormones, neurotransmitters, toxic metals, and other biotoxins.
  8. Six visits with Dr. Coker, nutritionist, homeopathy and naturopathic doctor. She will focus on personalized nutrition, hidden toxins, infections and mind/body medicine.
  9. Zyto scan (done in our office) which will show us what parts of your body are the most stressed, and what to do about it.
    This will guide us to find imbalances which may not be seen in regular testing.
    We will repeat this test six months into the program to see your progress.
  10. Access to both doctors throughout the program via phone or email (this is really necessary as many issues may emerge in between visits). Please allow us 24hrs to respond.

Supplements are available at our clinic or can be sent directly to your home or office (their cost is not included in the program as need are different for every patient).

Comprehensive Cost:

$8,500 (25% is due at the time of the first visit; the rest can be paid in three more installments. If you pay for all the program upfront, we’ll give you a 5% discount.)

We require a deposit of 50% when you confirm your appointments. The balance is due upon completion of appointments. 

Cancellation policy: No refunds will be issued after you sign up with our program. If you need to cancel your appointment, it should be done at least one week in advance. 

Phone consultations: We offer also phone consultations, which have been useful for out-of town patients.