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New Tools for Reaching Your Optimal Weight.

It is now possible to have an eating and lifestyle plan that is customized to your needs based on your genetic type. Through a DNA test we are now able to determine what that plan should look like.

Low fat, low carb, high protein, paleo, mediterranean, or the latest weight loss plan out there, some healthy, some not. There is no one correct diet for everyone and without some form of testing it’s mostly educated guesswork to find what’s exactly right for you. The good news is much research is being done on how genetics plus food and exercise choices affect your weight and more importantly, your overall health. Lakeview Integrative Medicine has recently begun using targeted genetic profiles to help us provide a more personalized approach to healthy weight loss.

The testing is done through an accredited genetic testing laboratory. They provide genetic information we use to help our patients improve or maintain health and wellness.

The test is a saliva sample that we do in the office and send to the lab.

We get a report based on your individual genes, the type of diet most likely to work for you (balanced, low carb, low fat, etc.).What our patients love is that they get an actual menu plan with the appropriate foods and amounts necessary to reach and maintain optimal weight. We will also learn from the genetic test how well you respond to exercise in general, particular exercise that may be of benefit, insulin sensitivity to exercise, genetic risk for specific vitamin deficiencies, risks of health conditions like diabetes and arthritis, response to particular dietary fats, and how much of your eating behavior, like snacking and sugar cravings, has a genetic component.

Overall, there are more than 30 different contributors to your weight and health measured in the Healthy Weight DNA Insight test. The Cardiac Healthy Weight DNA Insight has fewer of the behavioral traits but if you’re predisposed to heart disease may be the better test for you.
Once we get the results we will go over them with you and help you put together your menu and lifestyle plan based on the recommended diet plan.

Whether you’re just getting started with your health and weight goals, if you’ve been following a health-promoting diet for a while and still not getting the results you wanted, or if you’ve already come to see us, gotten your test for food sensitivities, and are trying to turn your list of what to eat into actual meals and menus consider the Healthy Weight DNA Insight test as your next step to get you where you want to be. To schedule your testing and follow up consultation please contact us.