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Biofeedback is a powerful tool which can be used to reveal your body’s level of stress and assist in improving it. When used appropriately, this technique can improve many conditions including headaches, hypertension, diabetes, pain disorders, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress, among others.

Biofeedback is monitored thru sensors gently placed externally in order to detect certain physiological functions of the body. Nothing is invasive, uncomfortable or painful.

At Lakeview Integrative Medicine we give special focus to markers or indicators of prolonged high stress, known as sympathetic overload and also frequently referred as DIStress or Adrenal stress syndrome.

Each patient works closely with the Biofeedback practitioner as they view and assess the functions in real time, using clear and easy to understand report screens during their sessions together. The physiological functions are analyzed using computerized programs.

Functions commonly looked are: blood volume pulse wave and heart rate variability, surface distal extremity skin temperature, respiration rate, rhythm and mechanics, muscle tension, electro-encephalography, and galvanic skin response.

The application of Biofeedback for patient treatment, improvement and recovery employs carefully selected techniques and skills. Patients learn breathing and other techniques used concurrently and view it live. Thus a person can observe immediately how these tools and skills are improving the identified stress markers.

Most patients report feeling better following the very first session.

When physiologic stress markers are identified thru Biofeedback, we understand that a sympathetic overload is present. The skills and techniques we teach focus on engaging the parasympathetic nervous system to rebalance the sympathetic overload response, and thus re-regulate the autonomic system to recover from overload. The ultimate goal is autonomic self-regulation or recovery to the body’s physiologically normal state of function.

The skills learned provide life long tools for maintaining recovery and an effective self-management during times of high stress we all experience. Successful treatment is contingent upon patient commitment thru a daily dedicated home practice and training, combined with progressive treatment sessions. Average program length is 6-10 sessions.